Of Old Balls, Marshmallow Shortages, and the Holiday Sampler

There are a lot of things to cover, so lets begin:

Old Balls

At our last show I heard a disturbing story.  Many of you had older hot chocolate balls STILL that you bought LAST year and hadn't used them!  First of all you all have the will of a titan...second...USE THEM!

Our hot chocolate balls are very shelf stable and have a long (over a year) best by date, but even we have limits.  Open them carefully.  Look them over, take a smell.  If they look and smell good they are good, but you should use them NOW! (It's cold enough). If you see anything that looks like mold or they don't seem right, sorry, but you need to toss them out.

Mint and other flavors that rely on natural oils may be less strong, but our core flavors should taste about the same.  Watch out for maple for those who still have them, they were the most delicate and you may be too late for this season.  Anyway, use your balls!


Our marshmallows balls are turning out to be a huge hit this year.  So much so that we are concerned that after our next show November 16-17 will likely cause us to run out.  Buy them NOW.  I know that this sounds like typical company tricks to get you to buy them, but I"m serious, if you want them in the next week or so, buy them now and we can set them aside.  Otherwise it will be probably near the end of Nov before we have them again. Don't say your weren't warned!

Holiday Sampler

Speaking of next show, our next show is at:

Old Deerfield Holiday Sampler

November 16th & 17th Eastern States Exposition's Better Living Center GPS: Gate 9, 875 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, MA 01089