"All Flavors" Hot Chocolate Balls and Marshmallow Gift Bundle

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All Flavors Gift Bundle is Back!

Enjoy a sleeve of our "All Flavors" Hot Chocolate Balls paired with MarshmallowMBAs handmade and handcut marshmallows.  The gift bundle is sent as a gift in a simple white box.  Unless specified we will send the gift without the price invoice.

About the "All Flavors" Hot Chocolate Balls:

A set of 6 Hot Chocolate Balls, one of each of our flavors. Includes Original Dark, Original Milk, Aztec, Mint, Mocha, and Salted Caramel.


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We have answers for you

  • What are hot chocolate balls? Candy? Liquid filed? Hot chocolate flavored?

    Hot Chocolate Balls are solid, chocolate confections that you use to make a full 8 ounce mug of real, decadent hot chocolate. The Hot Chocolate Ball base is made from couverture chocolate, cocoa powder and honey. We offer six (6) standard flavors and a sugar free variety. We occasionally also offer limited edition seasonal flavors.

  • Do I need to refrigerate / freeze them?

    No. All hot chocolate balls are shelf stable at room temperature for at least 1 year. Just store them in a cool, dry place for optimum flavor and appearance.

  • How do I make hot chocolate with the hot chocolate balls?

    There are actually many ways to make hot chocolate with our Hot Chocolate Balls. See here for details. From the instructions included with the balls: How to make the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate 1. Unwrap your hot chocolate ball. 2. Drop ball into a heat-proof mug. 3. Microwave for 20 seconds to soften chocolate ball. 4. Add 8 oz. of milk (for an indulgent experience, add 6 oz.) 5. Microwave until hot, but not scalding, about 90 seconds. 6. Stir Vigorously. Sip, Savor, and Enjoy!

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